10 Best Men’s Fragrances | Men Fragrances (Recommendations)

In this article I’m going to give you top 10 men fragrances recommended by experts that you will love. So I do not want to disappoint let’s get right into my top 10 recommendations for male fragrances.

So these 10 men fragrances recommendations are going to be fragrances that I would suggest that you have in your fragrance wardrobe. There in no particular order because I genuinely feel like fragrance comes with what season and where you’re wearing it.

One thing that I can tell you though is that you love them so let’s get right into it.


10. Montblanc Legend Spirit

Montblanc Legend Spirit
This is just you a really nice scent. What I really like about this fragrance is that it’s not off putting.  It’s not too over-the-top, it’s very casual and versatile.
I feel like you could wear this in any occasion although I would reserve it more for casual moment this is the fresh clean scent so if you’re someone who likes shower sense and you like to smell clean and fresh this is one that I would definitely recommend it wholeheartedly.


9. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
I really like this one coming in the number nine spot is one of my favorite fragrances of all time, it is tobacco vanille by tom ford. This fragrance was released a year after Tom Ford release black orchid and I just loved the genre of perfume that was coming out around that time this is a spicy dry fruit tobacco scent.

This fragrance was inspired by English gentlemen’s club so it definitely has a pipe tobacco vibe. It’s very classy very, opulent iconic Tom Ford.


8. L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent Cologne

8. L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent Cologne
So coming in at number eight is YSL’s L’Homme. I enjoy this fragrance so much my ex boo for this fragrance and I mean a flashbacks. Although this is a mainstream set and it’s very popular in my opinion this fragrance is definitely one of a kind it has this soothing quality about.
It almost smells very T like with the ginger and the spices and the cedarwood, the lavender it just has a real calming of fat and I loved it.


7. Sauvage Dior

7. Sauvage Dior
Next up is a fragrance that is the one and only Sauvage Dior. Now this fragrance is so good it smells like gasoline or papers but not in a bad way and we believe that’s due to the in broxton in this fragrance nonetheless this is a compliment getter perfume this is something that’s going to project people will smell it around you and you will get compliments.

Its strong its masculine and it has like a little bad boy edge to it so this is definitely one to try if you like clean fragrances.


6. A Men by Thierry mugler

6. Men by Terry McClay
And your lowest taker coming in the next spot is A Men by Thierry Mugler. I love this scent oh my god. This scent is clean it’s sweet, it’s fresh it’s spicy it just gives you an overwhelming sense of refreshing this.  It has the most delicious notes of peppermint, Tom kabhi coffee, patchouli and it almost has like a york peppermint pattie vibe.

So what’s better than a york peppermint pattie, chocolate and mint and deliciousness.


5. Creed  Aventus

5. Creed Aventus

The next men fragrances that I want to talk about is the one and only creed aventus. Now I did a review on this fragrance the more I encountered this fragrance the more I warm up to it.

This is one that’s going to get you a lot of compliments people will notice you you will stand out with this fragrance this is not something that a lot of men wear although a lot of men to aspire to wear it. This fragrance lasts and lasts. It is a birchwood bad boy you will get smokiness and a hint of fruitiness with this sexy masculine scent.


4. Tom Ford Black Orchid

4. Tom Ford Black Orchid
So coming in the number four spot is one of my favorite fragrances of all time. It’s tom ford black orchid. I mean what can’t I say about this fragrance it’s boozy its intoxicating its, it smells like voodoo in a bottle and it just reminds me of witchcraft not that I’m a sorcerer of sorts but it definitely gives you this vibe of casting a spell. It’s earthy there’s patchouli in there, there’s chocolate notes in there it is just a glorious said that will make you stand out and you will get compliments on this one as well.

So now we’re getting down to my top three picks and these male fragrance recommendations are ones that I’ve been loving for a very long time now.


3. Bleu De Chanel

3. Bleu De Chanel
So the one that’s coming in at the number three spot is Bleu De Chanel by chanel. I enjoy this fragrance so much I would purchase a bottle for myself. It’s clean, it’s fresh, its shower like you’ll get compliments on this one you can wear it anytime you can wear for upscale event where or a casual event you’ll get a lot of wear out of this one and longevity as well. This is something that I suggest all men have in their men fragrances wardrobe.

2. HiM by Hanae Mori

2. HiM by Hanae Mori
So coming into the number two spot is a fragrance that I’ve been really enjoying. I mean like really really really enjoy. The fragrance is called HiM by HANAE MORI. There’s just something so special about this fragrance. First of all the opening up this fragrance is glorious it’s probably one of my favorite openings of a male fragrance of all time and it smells very sexy and skin like almost like sweat or pheromones or something it’s just like.

I believe that it’s a mixture of the amber the teak wood and white cedar benches oh that combination of woods with the top notes of mandarin orange and bergamot I mean wow I’m just so in love with this fragrance.

In my opinion this is a fragrance that is masculine done the right way it’s not over-the-top its masculine enough to say okay this is a male fragrance but it’s it’s still inviting and it has an allure and a presence about it that I haven’t really smelled and any other mail fragrance this one is a winner for sure.


1. Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

1. Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules
So here we are at number one and let’s see if you can guess my favorite men fragrances. It is none other than Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. I love this fragrance.

This is a fragrance that is just so near and dear to my heart I feel like it just warms up on a male skin and turns into the most intoxicating scent for a guy. If you’re someone who likes thiaj and you like your fragrance to project this is a projection thiaj monster, even though you might not smell it on your skin it is definitely around you so this is one that I love wholeheartedly.

If you would like to share some of your own make sure that you leave them down in the comment box below and share this top 10 best men fragrances with your friends.

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