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Natural Hair Care ROUTINE Tips for Healthy Hair (Guaranteed)

Today’s Article will be Natural Hair Care Routine. Tips on coloring  and on hair care DIY.

And for me, this thing, and a compliment cause, in the past, I never thought You can receive compliments on my hair, because I had never thought that my hair was beautiful.

On the web there are lots of girls share tips on how to get to have lovely long and healthy hair, but the underlying problem, and ‘they have already beautiful hair. Instead I have, and I always had and always I’ll have thin hair flat and lifeless.

I know that does not seem to be here but, believe me, so! I want to emphasize that the advice I am about to give you are the ones that are good for me, and if you want to try if you go well for you, try, and see if they work!

Hair Coloring  Tips

The most  important change I made to my natural hair care routine and it was abandoning chemical dyes.

I always had, since adolescence, many white hair and I always dyed them using chemical dyes. Well, surely this did not help at all my hair thin and flat. But a few years ago, I discovered henna and dyeing herbs and I decided to try them.

Well my hair is changed radically. Application after application, month after month, They have become more ‘stronger, more healthy and much more bulky.

I love the herbs dry cleaners cause I’m an excellent treatment for oily hair, in more, invigorate the hair helping them become more stronger, more polished and more bulky.

I know some of you will be reluctant to believe that I am able to cover my gray hair using only natural dyes, but they are really able to get this wonderful Dark brown simply using a mix of Katam, Cassia and Lawsonia.

Here’s how they look.

Natural Hair Care

My roots to two and a half weeks since the last henna treatment . I have an incredibly fast regrowth, thus you have to dye your hair with henna every two or three weeks.

But if you do not want to change your hair color, and still want to enjoy the benefits of dyeing herbs, you can use the Cassia obovata, that this here. Also known as Henne neutral that and excellent not only for the hair but also for the scalp.

Thanks to its properties antibacterial and anti-fungal and the perfect treatment for damaged hair, since purifies and restores the pH of the scalp and it promotes hair regrowth.

Since the herbs dry cleaners tend to bother me hair lengths, I usually like to pamper my hair with.

Homemade masks

Masks for homemade hair Because I do not want my hair darken too much, usually I apply the mixture of dyeing herbs on the white roots, instead apply the lengths my favorite hair mask, made of: cocoa, yogurt, Rhassoul and even Cassia along with essential oil of lemon.

The acidic pH of this mask leaves my hair so bright, so soft and vigorous! During the summer, if I need more hydration, I use one of these two masks for hair.

And it ‘s all for today! I hope you have found useful my advice today about natural hair care and that can inspire you to try them too.


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