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Is There A Pimple Cure? Important – What You Need To Know

Whether as the first day of school, job interview or your wedding day, pimple will find a way to be displayed in the most inappropriate times.

But why do they occur and how we can show get rid of them? The term “pores” is just another term for the words “hair follicle“, your body is cover them.

Inside the pores gland produces oily substance called Sebum, which is secreted to the skin to keep the hair and body moisture.

But if you become Hair follicles clock with dead skin cells and oils, which leads to blockage.

Sebum Production will continue but it is reserved inside the pores making it swells.

This is where the bacteria come to him to play, feed on dead skin and sebum, which can be Unfortunately, that leads to infection. Your immune system responds by sending blood to the area, giving the appearance of redness and inflammation, and a lot of the white blood cells come to the region as well, to clear up the infection. When the white blood cells die, they combined with the dead skin and sebum, the pus-filled pimple appears.

If a blockage occurs under the skin it creates a white bump known as the “whiteheads” and if the blockage has occurred over the skin color change to black it is known as the “black heads“.

This is the result of melanin in the dead skin cells react with oxygen and creates black color It’s not dirt.


Teens with Pimple

Pimple in TeensWe get most of pimples when we’re teenagers because of the increased amount of androgen hormones such as testosterone in our bodies at the beginning of puberty. Testosterone increases production Sebum exponentially, thereby increasing the incidence of blockages.

But zits can appear at any time – as a result from stressful events.

Cortisol” the stress hormone, increases the amount of Inflammation in your body (which means more red protrusions on your face), can also suppress your immune system. This means that your body can not fight the bacteria that cause acne.


So how do we fight pimples?

Regular cleaning of your face to remove the injury Surplus of oil and thereby prevent clogged pores and peeling among other occasionally and remove dead skin It will help, although the acne often can not be solved in this way.

It is important to remember that cleanliness and diet do not play a big role in acne, but genetics and hormones.

And many drugs are available, such as benzoyl peroxide kills a specific type of bacteria that cause acne and salicylic acid, which helps to remove dead skin diverticulitis, retinoids, which reduces the production of sebum And a variety of other; although some medications can have serious side effects.

In Women, some success has been observed when using the oral contraceptives, which reduces ovarian production androgen hormones, and thus reduces sebum.

And of course, consult with Doctor about which system is best suited to you is always better. But new treatments and cures are on the horizon with the help of science! Study Individuals who do not have acne, scientists noticed that the bacteria that usually Acne can also cause present on the skin, but it is a different breed.

It has been demonstrated that these same bacteria with little difference in genes causing healthier skin.

Knowing this, Future treatments may include a deeper look at the level of bacteria, and whether changing your skin germs can cure pimples.

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