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The Truth About Sexting – Is Sexting Addictive? (Important)

What I’m saying is uh, you can call me a little bit of a sext-pert. Not to be confused with a ‘sexpert’, which is a lot easier to say sexting.

So I think it’s safe to say that sexting is a pretty routine part of adult American life now. 40% of 18-34 year olds say that they do indeed sext.

Sexting of course means sending either a sexually explicit message to someone via cellphone, hello? There’s still so much unease around this idea of sexting especially the volume of sexting that we are probably doing collectively.

And I think it has to do maybe with the permanence, maybe with the explicitness, maybe with that picture aspect.

This literal, physical exposure going on and the shareable aspect of sexy text messages, sexy pictures, sexy vines.

It just makes us, and by us I mean the broader more conservative world uncomfortable.

I’ve been thinking about sexting and Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal lately, you know, he was a Congressman, he got caught sexting all of these ladies because he accidentally tweeted a photo of his beep-boop and everyone was like uhhhh.

And he went to therapy and he came back out in the public light and was like I’m going to run for New York Mayor because that’s a comeback story that is just part of the American dream and then all of the sudden this girl’s like, umm actually he’s been sexting me a lot in the past year.

So Weiner had to be like, I guess I got to stop showing pictures of my beep-boop. You know. By the way, beep-boop is the scientifically accepted term for penis.

And so the question is naturally raised, well is this guy simply addicted to sexting? Because it ruined his career and almost his marriage one time before and now he’s running for mayor, sexting is ruining his life again, why doesn’t he just put down the cellphone.

Some psychologists contend well Anthony Weiner has a sexting addition.

But there are scientists who are saying you know what calling this just sex addiction and just sending these people off into some kind of sex addiction rehab is not actually addressing the problem, because sex addiction might not be the problem at all.

Sexual Addiction

So the more clinical term for sex addiction is hyper-sexuality and it’s linked to this notion of impulse control, that they can’t stop looking at porn, they can’t stop sending these sexts because they have impulse control problems, which is something that you’ll see across all sorts of addictions.

Anthony Weiner probably knows in his brain that hey you know what? I want to become mayor of New York.

Should I send this picture of my penis to somebody? Hmm, nope, going to do it anyway.

That’s because he’s lacking impulse control.

The underlying psychology of adult sexting is kind of fascinating.

In the study that I reported on they found that the people who were most likely to sext a lot, maybe the people who had impulse control issues. Anthony Weiner actually exhibited really high traits of what’s called anxious attachment in relationships, essentially these are the people who are very clingy and will do anything to get another person’s attention, they just need that kind of constant validation.

Simply saying that someone who sexts a lot must have an addiction, go to rehab, ignores maybe some underlying psychology that’s going on.

And there are also for the record people who might be perfectly mentally healthy who are sexting all the freaking time because maybe they’rein long-distance relationships or something.

And as far as the clinical aspect of this goes, there isn’t a lot of expertise on this area of adult sexting specifically because most of the research that’s been done on it has focused mostly on younger populations, on tweens and teens, but there has been a call for more of what is termed cyber psychology to unravel what’s going on both end of the spectrums of people who are just sending casual sexts as part of their sexual repartee and then people like Anthony Weiner who are kind of maybe ruining their lives a little bit because they can’t stop pressing send.

I want to hear from you, do you think that sexting is addictive or are we really just using addiction as a scape goat for just bad behavior, you know? Just stop sexting dude.

And also for sex addiction do you think it’s real or not? I want to hear all of your thoughts below. Comment let me know, I am going to be very curious so see what the conversation is like on this.


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