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Improved DIY Acne Scar Fading Mask + Quick Acne Tips!

Acne sucks! Just like all of you guys, sometimes,I just want to light my face on fire, but I don’t. I actually have really sensitive skin.

I don’t have like a large reactions,but if I don’t take care of my skin for like three days straight, I will break out literally, for like, 3 weeks straight.

Okay, It’s really horrible.

There is good news. It’s summertime. The sun is hitting our faces. Not all of you guys, but a lot of you guys are out of school. You guys are on break.

So, you have this huge chunk of time to really just pamper yourself and take care of your skin. And, you know, make some changes.

I’m going to tell you guys in this video,little things that you can change up to get clear skin a lot faster and I’m gonna show you the DIY mask. That helps to basically, brighten your skin and exfoliate all the deads, all the dead skin cells that can clog your pores.

So, the first thing I’m showing you guy show to make is this DIY Enzyme Mask and it’s so easy.

All you need is one papaya.

PapayaPapaya’s are awesome because they,basically, are nature’s natural exfoliant.

They call it an enzyme mask because papaya’s are filled with enzymes that when applied to the face, they actually eat away the dead skin cells that just sit on top of your face and causes it to look dull, and cause you to break out, and all that.

It’s a natural brightening face mask. It’s used in beauty products all over the world. But, we can make our own at home without any chemicals. And you also need honey.


Honey isn’t only useful for healing acne as well, but it’s sticky and it’s gonna keep this face mask, kind of, stuck together, so, it sticks on our face,and it’s moisturizing.


A lot of great things going on here.

So, what you want to do is just clear the seeds out first, cause you don’t want those, and then afterwards, you want to take about 2 spoonfuls of the papaya, put it in a bowl or something. Wrap this up, save that for later.

Take your honey, you need, like, one long squirt, maybe like a tablespoon full, or so. Mash it until you have a face mask.

Then, afterwards all you want to do is just clean your face and apply it directly to your skin.

Leave it on for like, 5 minutes. You might feel, like, a slight tingling feeling, don’t worry. That’s just the face mask working,but you might not feel anything. Anyways, afterwards, go ahead and wash it off, moisturize and then repeat maybe once a week or so.

Alright, so, now, I’m gonna give you guys some daily acne tips to basically prevent new breakouts from popping up while you are trying to treat the old ones.

When you are applying your foundation, try not to aggressively apply it to your face.

Some of us are just naturally heavy-handed and we just go really hard in. That will just lodge the makeup into our pores.

A lot deeper than it actually would go if we used lighter strokes.

So, if you have acne prone skin,just try to put it on top of your skin. Not rub it into your pores. Next, I know how good of a friend you are. But if your friend asks to share makeup with you throughout the day, you gotta tell them, no.

Because you don’t want their bacteria going onto your face. And sometimes you gotta be mean a little.

When you’re applying your hair spray,or your shine spray, or whatever spray you want to apply to yours is, spray it on your hair, not your face. This can clog pores causing us to break out.

Clean everything that goes on your face. Your sunglasses, your cell phone.

Anything that touches your face on a daily basis, you want to go ahead and make sure you disinfect it with alcohol a couple of times a week, just to avoid all that bacteria from going right back onto your face.

And then, if your hands are really dirty, try to avoid touching your face throughout the day. So, if you touch so many things, like,every second of the day, and then, we go and apply makeup, or fixer makeup and we put our hands back on our faces and it can clog our pores.

Also, try to avoid having too much sugar. A lot of people tend to breakout after they have, like, way too much sugar for the week.

Cleaning your brushes, I recommend doing this at least once a week, especially if you have acne prone skin. Because there’s so much bacteria that is just being transferred from our make up to our faces back to our makeup back to our faces.

So, try to keep them clean.

The next thing,if you’re like in a sweaty environment, try not to wipe the sweat off your face with your hands. Try to use a Kleenex or wash cloth or something that is not your hands. The next thing, you get into the shower,you shampoo your hair. You condition your hair and then you get out of the shower.

But sometimes, we still have leftover conditioner on our faces and on our backs and chest and we don’t even realize it. So, try to, you know, wash your body after you condition,if your skin is really sensitive.

If you have acne prone skin, try and stay away from products that are not non-comedogenic, oil free, all that, fragrance free.

You know, really try to go for products that say non-comedogenic on it. This next one, I’m guilty of but,do not fall asleep with makeup on. And all that bacteria is basically sitting on your face for hours while you sleep, clogging your pores.

And then, also on top of it, your pillows are now contaminated with bacteria. So, you have to wash those as well.

So, in a way, looking into the eyes of somebody that you like is the administration of a psycho-active drug that’s addictive and the long-term consequences are living longer.

But if this like irritates your skin or causes any kind of like, you know, discomfort, then discontinue use.


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