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Improved Menstrual Cups – How to Use Menstrual Cups (Easily)

A kind of tutorial on reusable menstrual cups. Some of you have heard of, or have read something, some of you may already use it , and perhaps others are still undecided on whether to try it or not.

Well, here I am ready to share with you my experience hoping it can help. To clear his head, reusable menstrual cups and disposable. In Italy, for all I know, there is only the reusable version, but, thanks to the research, I discovered that there also the version disposable. Personally I prefer the reusable, cause.

One of the many reasons that helped me decide start using the cup, and that and Sustainable and environmentally friendly. Just useless plastic and absorbent thrown away each month.

Not to mention all the money saved over the years and cost about 25 Euros four years ago, and I did not spend much in all these years.

How long is a menstrual cups? I use it for about four years and I bought the second a few days ago.

Cause you should use it? Cause it’s safe! Usually, and it made of medical grade silicone, sterile latex or rubber, and they do not contain all those chemical elements which are in or absorbent pads. And practice, and reliable and, above all, and convenient and and without odors.

The blood oxidises in contact with air, so if it remains in the cup, within you, remain odorless. Which, as you know, does not happen with pads or absorbent. It also helps us.

Know our body and feel more secure.

I had the same fear you may have you now, the idea to try it but, in order to be able to become a better version of ourselves, we have to get out of our comfort zones.

Pros and cons of the menstrual cups?

There are many pros and no cons, if not afraid (to defeat) due to test it. You’ll never know how it if it works for you, if you do not try.

My experience with the cup The first time I used it, it took me 10 minutes to insert and at least 15 to remove it, but it ‘s very normal! It really depends on what you’re comfortable with your body and over time, it becomes more and more easy.

The first time I used it, I had also the absorbent cause I was not sure it would work for me.

But,  as the days passed everything and become more convenient and easy. The greatest difficulty ‘I met‘ was figure out how to keep it while I insert or remove makeup and ‘try all the possible positions, or all the ways in which you can bend the cup to find one that more right for you.

Bending and tricks to remove the cup?

This stem is used to help you achieve the cup to remove it. You can cut to the right length for you.

To enter it, you can fold it or so. The second method, and the one I use.

Then it opens and the side lines help her stand still. The beautiful thing ‘that we can use it at night, when we travel, when we swim and we train. To remove it, you pull the stem, then pinches the base, to remove the suction effect, and then he takes it out. The nice thing is’ you do not have to empty it so often what is done with swabs or absorbent, cause the cup contains much more. If you are in a public restroom you only need to have with you a bottle of water to rinse the cup, or you can clean it with a handkerchief.

Remember that and very important that you wash your hands well before handling. It takes a little practice, but once you understand how to do, your going to love! Able to insert and remove the cup in less than a minute.

The only thing to say, that I came to mind when I decided to tell you about it. And that I wanted to discover it before! I recommend it 100% to all women of the world.

Give it a chance, that you have to lose ?! Obviously you do all your research, but try it! Your life will not be ‘more’ the same. And you tell me? Have you ever experienced or will experience menstrual cup? Let me know in a comment that you think! Thank you for these past five minutes with me, I hope this article will be useful and informative.

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