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Happiness: The 7 Habits of Happy People and How to be Joyful

Happiness, it’s probably the most important thing in life. But still not everyone knows how to become happy. Luckily for us positive psychology scientists have discovered a few things about being happy.

In this article I’m going to show you seven habits of happy people. If you really want to experience a happy life you can’t wait for happiness to magically appear in your life. You have to get up and take action to make it happen being happy and staying happy is a proactive decision all you were going to need is a journal a positive growth mindset and a happy face habit numeral uno.



Happy people practice acts of kindness and your everyday life look for small ways where you can show kindness to people you meet.  It’s easy to do this to people you know and that are in your social circle but try to reach out and extend your kindness the people you don’t know so well the mailman, the store clerk or just a random by passer. I recommend paying for someone’s food in the drive-thru window behind you all you have to do is ask the cashier to pay for the person’s food behind you.
These acts can be really simple like a friendly smile or you can leave someone a letter on a train or a bus and you can be as creative with this as you want the more that you do it the more fulfilling it will become.

So think about the ways you can be kind to others in your day-to-day life write it down in your journal and start acting on these ideas every day. I charge you to leave a comment below of something that you’ve done in the past week like this or someone who has done it for you.



There’s a study done where researchers asked people on their death bed with their regrets were the biggest regret for people with that they wish they had spent more time with the people that they love.
Relationships are so important in our lives and are the foundation of how we think and act. Relationships do require time and care they also require communicating and resolving conflict and showing vulnerability to the people that we love. If you spend a lot of time with your loved ones you won’t regret it and I suggest reading Daniel Goldman’s book emotional intelligence.

If you would like to see someone more in your life make it a priority to contact this person to talk to them and to visit them snap chat that old friend Facebook that lost uncle or Twitter your new nephew.



There’s so much to be grateful for it still really easy to forget these things when we’re rushing through our daily lives. If you make happiness a priority then gratefulness will also become a priority luckily it is really easy to practice thankfulness look at the circumstances that you enjoy in life keep a gratitude journal where you can write down the things that you’re thankful for everyday.

Try to come up with new stuff each day, having a warm bed someone telling you an awesome story, the sun is shining.



You see the glass half empty or half full or even better do you notice that there’s a glass at all some people don’t even notice this class. It’s a tough life when you’re always negative and it’s tough to be friends with someone who is always negative if you want to cultivate optimism begin by becoming aware of how many negative thoughts and words you have and share every day.

Start replacing these thoughts and words by positive and uplifting words might feel a bit forced at first but the more you do it the easier it will become. Affirmations are immensely helpful in developing a happy mindset. Remember that there’s a silver lining in every situation.



Happy people know how to forgive others and themselves be the bigger person. Make up your mind to forgive the other person realize that what they did was right in their mind otherwise they would have done it differently. Forgiving others will give you much more ease and pleasure in life and you don’t even have to forgive them for their own sake do it for your own so that your heart and mind won’t be filled with bitterness and content you cannot grow if you’re holding onto a grudge.
Forgiving yourself is probably even more critical than for giving other people. Acknowledge that the things you did with the things that you thought at the time were best for you and understand that when you make a mistake it’s not something that you did on purpose something that becomes who you are it’s something that you can grow and learn from.

You can even write a letter of forgiveness to yourself it helps. Another good way to practice forgiveness is a close your eyes and wish the best for the person that you want to forgive and of course wish the best for yourself.

This will put your mind in the face of good will for the other person and yourself. Now personally I struggled with not forgiving a high school friend until a couple months ago I forgave him and the next time I saw him he was a completely different person but the thing was he didn’t change at all it was my perspective that changed.



exercise your bodyHappy people take care of their body and your health has a great impact on your happiness when you were out of shape it’s harder to live life to the fullest.

There are many studies that show us that people who exercise feel better mentally and physically and if you’re not already exercising you can start small.

Make a morning walk for 10 minutes to the part or around the block or more vegetable in your daily dish. When you start to do this you will eventually feel what this does for you and you will probably want to do it even more exercising. Will help you sleep better which can also lead to happiness.



You sometimes look at someone and feel jealous. I’ve done this before that person is something that you would like to have. Well comparing yourself to something is a really toxic thing to do and it’s not going to help you on your way to happiness. When you are comparing yourself with others were measuring yourself worth to the standards of someone else. Instead of measuring them by your own personal standards remind yourself of these habits and start practicing them.

You won’t find much happiness comparing yourself to other people. Remind yourself of these habits and start practicing them.

Your happiness has nothing to do with how good-looking your neighbor is or how much money your friends are making. When you feel yourself having thoughts like this go do something uplifting like exercise or working on your dreams. Distract yourself. I hope these 7 habits and methods will help you achieve a happy state of mind much faster.

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