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Amazing Golden Turmeric Milk: (Recipe & Benefits) Food Tips

Hi, everyone! I decided to write this article about Golden Turmeric Milk Recipe at the last minute, because I wanted to talk to you about this healthy drink which is golden turmeric milk. It seems to be very well known to the internet universe, but I didn’t know about it, and I found out about it only a few weeks ago.

I’m very enthusiastic about this drink, so I want to share with you how I make it, my own recipe.

It’s delicious and you can drink it in the morning, or during the day, as a healthy snack because. Plant milk fills you up.

And so, let’s see how it’s made.

Maybe some of you already know this traditional ayurvedic drink. It’s very simple and it requires a few ingredients that you can find in any supermarket. The result is really delicious. You will like it even more if you like ginger, because I decided to add it to the Golden Milk original recipe.

The many benefits of the drink (turmeric milk) are particularly provided by the turmeric and by the ginger.

The original recipe requires turmeric paste, that needs to be left in the fridge for forty days.

golden turmeric milk recipe

But, honestly, I don’t really like the idea, because after a few days the paste, because of the water in it, becomes a bacteria-friendly environment,even if we keep it in the fridge.

However, I will leave the original recipe in the info-box, if you want to give it a try. I prefer preparing everything from scratch everytime I want to prepare my drink, because it only takes 10 minutes tops to prepare it.

These are all the ingredients you’ll need. If you want, you can add a sweetener to make the drink sweeter. You’ll obviously need milk. I tried many types of milk, but now I can say that the homemade almond milk is the best, for the recipe.

Because, unfortunately, most of plant milks contain sugar, if you read the label. I struggled a lot to find this brand that also contains a higher almond percentage, compared to other almond milks.

Usually the almond percentage is around 5%. Moreover, this brand doesn’t contain hidden sugars.

Then, you’ll obviously need turmeric, it’s better if it’s biological.

I can’t find the fresh turmeric,so I use the turmeric powder.

One of the most surprising property of the turmeric is the anticancer effect.

The continued use of the turmeric milk can help preventing the uprising of leukemia and of eight types of cancer, like colon, prostate,liver, skin and so on.

I read that:

Turmeric has been studied scientifically in the last few years, and its anticancer effect is confirmed especially by the fact that, in Asia, where turmeric milk.

Much more than in any other place in the world, these kinds of tumors are less present than in the rest of the world.

Moreover, the high curcumin level, makes this spice a powerful antioxidant, a powerful anti-inflammatory.

It’s also an immuno stimulant and a good digestive.

It’s also one of the most powerful remedies to fight the cold.


According to me, ginger.

Ginger Benefits

Has to be everywhere! Like in salads, and in infusions too! It gives everything that touch of vitality and energy that I love! It’s a good digestive, it is good for flatulence and meteorism.

  1. It’s a natural antiseptic and antibacterial.
  2. It strengthens the immune system and, like turmeric, it is very good to fight a cold.
  3. It’s a fantastic natural remedy for nausea, during pregnancy or.
  4. For seasickness and carsickness.
  5. And it’s also a good painkiller, because it can help reducing headache or toothache.

Then you’ll need black pepper, better if it’s freshly minced.

We add it to the drink because it contains piperine, an alkaloid that gives the pepper its hotness and that is used to increase the bio availability of the curcumin: it helps increasing its intestinal absorption.

Then you’ll need oil: I chose coconut oil, but every oil will do the job.

We need oil because it helps our body assimilate the curcumin.

Curcumin is a fat-soluble substance,so we need to take it with a fat in order for it to be digested by our intestine.

Moreover, coconut oil gives the drink a delicious flavour.

Then, you can add cinnamon, if you like it.

And, lastly, a sweetener, like maple syrup, or date syrup or honey.


Now we mix all the ingredients together. Pour the right amount of milk in a glass.

I usually drink a glass of milk, then add the other ingredients. I usually pour everything in the pot where I warm the milk in order to melt the ingredients, but, because of the perfect light by the kitchen table, this time I’m mixing everything in the glass. Be sure to set your stove to a low heat, and mix the ingredients for 7-9 minutes, trying not to let the milk boil.

While mixing, you’ll see that the milk becomes beautifully golden, because of the turmeric.

You can use a milk to make a beautiful milk foam.

Obviously, it’s not right to exaggerate, because the over in take of turmeric can damage our body. I drink this golden milk every other day, for example.

After 9-10 minutes, all we have to do is not only enjoying the delicious flavour of this drink, but also its many benefits, and say goodbye to pains, colds and so on.

If you don’t like the idea of plant milk, or if you don’t like the flavour of this Golden Milk, you can enjoy the benefits of the turmeric by drinking a turmeric infusion.

Did you know about turmeric milk? Let me know in the comments if you’ve already been drinking it, if you’ve seen any benefits and which are those benefits! And, especially, let me know if you have.

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