Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds NOW (Breakthrough)

I must say that if this technology is successful We are on our way to a breakthrough to charge your cell phone in 5 Seconds. Graphene has the thickness of an atom is carbon-based, It is flexible, and is a capacitive material.

It is biodegradable, inexpensive to make, and is the strongest material on the planet.

Scientists have worked in graphene since 1840, and after 160 years of research, finally they created a little in 2004, using adhesive tape.

Graphene is made of graphite.

It is what you find in a number two pencil. And when cleaning a graphite rock with some tape, the researchers found that accidentally got graphene.  His discovery made Geim and Konstantin Novoselov Andre They were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010.

Now that we know how to do it, scientists are working on possible uses. As we all know, batteries suck.

Just suck.

If there is a barrier with current technology, They are definitely batteries and disastrous they are.

Lose power, die, they overheat It takes ages to load, and to be frank, they are dangerous to the environment.

GraphenAnd if remplazáramos batteries with graphene supercapacitors? THE (SUPER) supercapacitor A supercapacitor is different from a battery.

A battery uses a chemical reaction to produce electrons.

It is too much work for too few results.  Instead, a capacitor gets rid of chemical inter mediation and only retains the electrons until you need them.

A super capacitor does that and more.

After a few seconds of load, UCLA researchers were able to use graphene to supply a light bulb per minute. They also found a quick and inexpensive way to make graphene using a DVD burner and liquid coal. So how will this change your life? In every possible way.

If scientists and industries lead this market, They could see a complete change in energy storage.

The cell batteries not only increase their capacity.

I mean, that’s another. They also may be charged in seconds. Instead of a service station, you could take your electric car to a power station to charge in minutes. And your tablet computer, do not get me started. Not only they would load easy and fast and have great capacity, but also, graphene is translucent and flexible, so you can roll it up and store it in your pocket.

Another wonderful thing is that graphene is only coal. It’s the same as charcoal.

So when does not work anymore, you can use as fertilizer. You should not even throw it away. Only you take your garden and put it with your plants. All my life heard of solar energy and how wonderful it is.

The only problem is that we can not store all the energy the sun sends us in a day.

Graphene could cover solar panels for storing electrons there and literally save for a rainy day.

Seriously, I can not wait to see how this works where can charge your cell phone in 5 seconds. You can notice my anxiety? I can not wait to see what people can do with it.

So why do not you tell me? If they had a super capacitor, what would they do? Share it in the comments and let me know what you think.


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