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Best 6 Tech Valentine Gifts for Him! – Valentine’s Day 2017

Today, I’m gonna bring you my picks for the best Valentine’s Day gift here in 2017. I’m talking about tech gifts obviously, pieces of tech that you or your significant other might want for Valentine’s Day.

I’m gonna be proving you with a couple of things that I think make for a nice Valentine’s Day gift in the tech world, right here in 2017.

Let’s jump in right now.


1. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPodsFirst up, this one is a little bit hard to find, but people are going after it, people do want it, and that’s why they are so hard to find, I’m talking about the Apple AirPods.

This little case right here houses two AirPods.

These are basically Apple’s wireless headphones. You can use one at a time, or you can use both, it’s up to you. Both have microphones that are pointed towards your mouth. You can talk on the phone.

You can talk to Siri if you double tap on one.

Of course you can use this to listen to music, podcasts, watch movies, etc. You get five hours of battery life from each AirPod when they’re fully charged, and you put ’em in the case to charge them. If they’re dead, a 15 minute charge will give you three hours of battery life in each AirPod.

The case itself holds 24 hours worth of charge, and you can charge the case right through the bottom using that lightning port.

Now Apple AirPods are $159.

It’s a good price when you compare them to other truly wireless earbuds.

They’re not that expensive when you look at the competition, but if you don’t have a significant other for Valentine’s Day, or you care about getting them on Valentine’s Day, or you don’t wanna spend the $159 on them.

Now it should be said that the AirPods do work best with Apple devices, so what that means is iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, MacBookPro, iMac, Mac Pro etc.

They do work with Android devices, they do work with Windows PCs, but if you use them with Apple devices, you get some extra Apple magic thanks to that W1 chip.

If pair it with an iPhone, it’ll automatically pair to all other Apple devices that you own where you’re logged in with your Apple ID, so you don’t have to turn it on and off, pair it on and off, go back and forth.

Pair it once with one device, and you’re automatically paired with all your other Apple devices. Very cool, kudos to Apple on that one.

Let’s move on to the next device though.


2. Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi as a Valentine Gift for your man

Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi

Image Source
As the resident techie in my home, resident techie in my circle of friends, family, etc, I’m usually the one doing tech support. People contact me when they need advice, when they need help, when they need something to be fixed.

One thing that always seems to need to be fixed, one thing that always seems to not work correctly, is Wi-Fi.

We buy one router, we stuff it in a closet, we put it on a desk somewhere, behind some other stuff, and we hope and expect thatthat one router is gonna blanket our entire home in a great signal, and that is rarely the case.

However, this next product I’m recommending does do just that, that’s the whole purpose it was made.

I’m talking about the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi system. It has two units that you can see there right on the front.

You get a router, and you get a satellite unit as well.

So you put the router in one area of your home. You put the satellite in another area of your home, and they both work together to give each of those two areas a great Wi-Fi signal.

It’ll cover up to 4,000 square feet of living space between those two units.

Now let’s say you’re a baller, maybe you need more than 4,000 square feet of living space. They do also sell a three pack, which gives you one router and two satellite units, that’ll cover up to 6,000 square feet of living space, way more than your average router could ever hope to achieve.

So you spread these out in your home.

You just plug them into the wall, and you don’t need to plug in any ether net wires or anything like that.

Plug them into the wall,they all talk to each other, and they create a great Wi-Fi signal with no downsides.

Again, I’ve been using this thing for about, I would say, four months or so, it’s been fantastic.

My Wi-Fi’s better than it’s ever been in the history of me using Wi-Fi, which is probably 12 or 13 years now, so the gift of solidWi-Fi, solid Wi-Fi signal, maybe the best gift you can get someone here on Valentine’s Day,at least here in 2017.

We’re gonna go back to the essentials, basic things you need as a guy, and I’m talking about a wallet.


3. Woolet Wallet

Woolet Wallet

Image Source

Not just any wallet,but this is the Woolet.  Now the Woolet is something I’ve been using for about a month, and it’s something I wish I’ve had several times in my life.

The Woolet is a wallet with a tracker built in, so you can find it using your phone. It also has a built-in alarm, too, so you can press the button,and it actually chimes, to help you find the wallet.

So if it’s under the couch or under the bed or wherever, you can actually hear it beep.

But let’s say you left the Woolet somewhere else, outside of your hearing range. Well then you could actually use the tracker and use a map to see where it was last found, and that’s pretty nice. So if you venture too far from your wallet, you will get a reminder letting you know that your Woolet is no longer in range, you can go back and get it.

Now let’s say you’re in your house, or you’re at work, and it’s somewhere where you may walk away from your wallet for a little bit, then you can actually set up a quiet zone in those parameters, so it doesn’t remind you every time you step away from it. Now it uses bluetooth to connect to your device, and you’re not gonna notice any type of battery drain.

It uses that low-frequency of bluetooth, so you’re good to go on there.

Now besides its tracking properties, it’s actually a really nice wallet.

You could see the stitching is really high quality, and also it has this staggered card design, which looks pretty cool. Now they do come in different styles, too, so if you wanna get like a light brown, or you wanna get a slim style,you can definitely do that. Now my favorite feature about the actual wallet is this little pouch right here where you can hide very valuable card, and you can use this part to pull up, and then your cards come out, you can tuck them back in.

So it’s a good way to hide your very important cards, like a driver’s license or your medical insurance card.

Another feature that’s coming soon for the Woolet is that it has card tracking, meaning if you take your card out, and you don’t return it back to your Woolet, then your Woolet will let you know that you may have left your card behind.

So that’s a feature that’s not available just yet, but it’s something that is in the pipeline.

All in all, the Woolet makes a great gift for someone, or even yourself, and as I said before, it saved my butt several, several minutes of looking for my wallet in just a short time of me having it.


4. SoundPeats P4 Bluetooth Speaker

SoundPeats P4 Bluetooth Speaker

Image Source

Up next is a portable speaker.

No one gets excited when I say this, but this is probably the best portable speaker you can find for under 50 bucks. This is the SoundPeats P4 bluetooth speaker.

It’s 10 Watts, and it gives you around eight hours of playback time.

And it’s pretty small, but it packs a really large punch. Now I say really small, look at it next to a drinking glass.

The sound is really good, the base is nice and deep, and the mids and highs are pretty good, too.

It has very nice, smooth, fluid controls, and with a simple flick of the wrist, you can adjust the volume, or you can tap on the top to change the track.

It also has a built-in microphone if you do wanna take calls and use it as a speakerphone,you can definitely do that if you want.

For the price, it’s hard to get anything that much better, but if you do need a portable speaker that can definitely fill up a room, this is the way to go for 40 bucks.
The next valentine gift for men is something anybody could love.


5. S’well water bottle

 S'well water bottle

Image Source
It’s called the S’well water bottle. Here’s the thing, I like my drinks cold, ice cold. And the S’well water bottle can keep your drinks ice cold for 24 hours, that’s crazy.

And this is no joke, I’m not just saying this.

If you pour something cold into the S’well in the morning, that night, you will pour something out that’s just as cold.

Now what’s cool is that these come in a variety of sizes, so there’s a nine ounce, a 17 ounce, and a 25 ounce. And they also come in a bunch of different colors. So personally I went with the 25 ounce onyx color, which has that super minimal vibe that I love.

And these are really well-built, too.

Mine’s already survived some serious drops.

And maybe the best thing about these is they start at just $25, so if you’re kinda strapped for cash right now, this could be a really great option.


6. OnePlus 3T another awesome Valentine Gift

Image Source
But if you do have a little extra money to spend, then you might wanna check out the OnePlus 3T.

Now there’s a whole lot to like about this fully-featured phone, starting with the price at only $439.

What, you don’t think that’s very cheap? Actually, it kind of is, especially when you consider that the guts inside this guy could basically fit into a flagship phone that costs hundreds of dollars more.

One thing I love about this phone though is the super fast charging.

You can literally get about a day’s power in only half an hour’s charging time thanks to the dash charge. Plus, this thing’s pretty snappy thanks to the Snapdragon 821 processor. Like really, it’s pretty responsive and fluid, and it definitely has the power to handle whatever it is your significant other can throw at it.

And the last thing I wanna mention here is it’s got a five and half inch, full HD screen, and somehow, even with that awesome screen, it manages to have a smaller footprint than the iPhone 7 Plus.


That was your look at some of the best tech gifts you can pick up this Valentine’s Day here in 2017.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of them, what was missing, whatare you hoping to get, and what are you hoping to give someone this Valentine’s Day.


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