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92 Powerful Tricks on How to Talk to Anyone Easily

All right let’s talk about some more tips on how to talk to anyone. So let’s talk about complements.

The best compliment you can ever give anyone is not to their face. In fact the best compliment you can give someone is through a friend. If someone tells you that they heard something good about you that is going to be an amazing compliment because then you know they’re not brown nosing then you know that they’re not complimenting you.
Because they want something in return for doing it because they truly believe that something you did was awesome to this is the first tip. Compliment someone through a friend.

The second had kinda goes along with that, if someone is bringing bad news whenever they bring it you’re going to can get upset at them and this is where the phrase don’t kill the messenger comes from because Egyptians used to literally chopped off the heads of messengers who brought bad news. So we’re gonna flip this around and instead bring a compliment.

Bring something that they like to hear they will associate that complement with you and they will have a natural tendency to like you.

[su_highlight]Also whenever receiving a direct compliment compliment them back instead of saying oh thank you and being very humble about it direct the action back to them say oh thank you very much that’s very kind of you. [/su_highlight]
Another tip on phone calls. If you can use their name, hey John, hey Susie, hey David. Try to use name as often as you can because on a phone call using their name is equal to eye contact and body language and it’s very important.

Another tip is that many of you go to a munch or mingle don’t expect it to both. Carry some food around you don’t specifically eat it was hard because when you eat food and talk at the same time it just kind of looks bad. I mean something to give food your teeth that are to talk with your mouth it just it’s not a good idea. If you go to a munch or mingle do one or the other also understand that people like to gravitate towards people who have open palms or open risk.

So if you can try to open your wrists up just a little bit so that they show towards the crowd and make our move say, hey come hither come here and you might attract a small crowd.
Also something that I found to be very helpful and especially when someone does it to me I really enjoy their presence. Whenever someone has a blooper, whenever they have trouble speaking of they can’t think of a word try to ignore that, try to overlooking it.

Because when someone has a failure like that they feel bad and if you can overlook that you’re saying hey a kinda like this guy because he didn’t notice my failure they may even think I like the way he reacted to my failure he didn’t point out this is a great tip to use on any conversation.

[su_highlight]The last of I’m gonna give you in this article is to let them empty their tank. If they know something about a whole bunch let them talk to you a lot of people have a whole bunch of energy and they loved talking and if you try to talk to them you almost feel like interrupting so instead sit in the listen and share for a little while until they actually started getting tired of talking and then you can add your word and then you can add your little bit of advice.[/su_highlight]

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