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6 Better School Lunch Hacks for Kids | Quick Tips for Mom

Today, we’re gonna be talking about Lunch hack for kids. Lunchbox hacks, morning gets a little crazy with kids running around the house, so we’ve got some awesome tips and tricks to help it go a lot smoother.

Alright, let’s get started.

Wait a second, let’s do a little math here. Four kids times 180 school days times 12 years equal a whole lot of lunch boxes. Without these hacks I think I would go crazy. So let’s get started with number one.


1. Keep those apples from going brown.

Keep those apples from going brown

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This is for the bigger kids that can eat an entire apple. Go ahead, cut up your apple. Slice it, yeah there’s a sticker on my apple. I forgot to take that off. Then go ahead, put the apple together. Have your little guy or gal do that and flip on a rubber band. Keep it from going brown.


2. Freeze them

Freeze Them

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Take advantage of that freezer. There really are a lot of sandwiches that you can make ahead of time. All you have to do is stick them in the freezer. They grab them in the morning, put them in their lunchbox, and by lunch time they are perfect. We like to cut ours out with a cookie cutter.

And every once in a while, we loose one or two.


3. Buy in Bulk and Repack

Buy in Bulk and Repack

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Almost every Sunday night we get together as a family and we pack the snacks and the treats that we want in our lunch boxes for the week. Little Ziploc containers are perfect for olives, pomegranates, carrots, broccoli, whatever your family loves.


4. Cheap Cold Packs

Cheap Cold Packs

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Cold packs are a hot commodity at our house cause they’re always getting lost, so here’s a great idea. Take some sponges, get them wet. Stick them in a plastic baggie and then freeze them. And you’ve got some of the cheapest ice packs ever. So if your kids lose them, not a big deal.


5. Take 1 and Take 2 Bins

Take 1 and Take 2 Bins

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While our sandwiches and ice packs are freezing, now we’ll take all of our bulk items and sort ’em out. And we’ll put ’em in tubs. We have a tub that says take two and a tub that says take one and then you’ll find one in the fridge for all the cold stuff. And yes, I need to organize my fridge.


6. Pack the night before all that you can.

Pack the night before all that you can
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So in the morning all I have to do is grab their cold pack, and their sandwich and then they’re off and at it for the day. Alright, those are your 6 lunch time hacks. They’ve helped us survive with the four kids over the course of all these years of them going to school.

Please don’t forget to share this with your friend or family which it might come in use. Leave your comment below on your lunch hacks ideas.


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