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5 Secrets To Look 10 Years Younger & Better – Anti-Aging Tips

Does anti-aging really work and help you to look younger? In this article guys, I will give five secrets anti-aging tips to looking great over the age of 40, over the age of 50, over the age of 60, over the age of 70 because, yes, I have men in their 70’s reach out to me and not only asking me style questions, but also ask, let me share with you how I am staying and how I am looking great.

And so, I’m going to give you guys some great tips.

Hopefully you’re able to use them because it does matter. Let’s say you’re 52, you’re 42 year sold, you just went through a divorce.

You’re back out there on the dating scene and you want to look great, you know that you’ve got a lot to offer. You want to meet and you start dating a woman.  She’s 32, maybe she’s 28 and you don’t want – you don’t want the age difference to be so apparent. Now, maybe you’re out there and you’re looking to start your career over and you’re 58 years old, you’re 62 years old.

You – you better believe ageism is a real thing.

A lot of companies, now, they can’t ask you your age, but they will look at, you know, does this guy look healthy, does he look like he’s going to stick around, can we put him in front of our customers and can he help us sell.

You want to basically look the part of that successful salesman.

That guy that’s going to help that nonprofit double their, you know, double their exposure and be able to get out there and change the world.

Gentlemen, that’s what this post is about.


Tip No.1: Have Purpose in Your Life.

Guys, be confident. Stand for something.

Nothing makes a man look older than a guy that’s basically given up on life and you know what I’m talking about.

You see these guys moping around, they got a negative attitude, they feel that everything is conspired against them. They’re 42 years old and they feel their life – their best years is behind them.

That is a bunch of BS guys.

We are going to live longer than any generation before us. You can take care of yourself, you have all of these options.

If you’re 40 years old, you probably have 40 more great years at least in front of you if you take care of yourself.

Think about that.

You can trans – you can start at the age of 65 and transform the next fifteen years. You can start a company and sell it and leave that as a legacy or go out and enjoy and buy a private jet.

The point is you’ve got time and have a positive attitude.

Tip number two.


Tip No.2:  Take Care of  Your Skin.

Take care of your skin specifically with your face. Now, getting back to that story, the woman the first thing she noticed is my face and she really thought my skin glowed.

I felt really good. I don’t do too much, but I will share with you the three things I do – do for my skin.

So, number one, using a micro abrasion tool.

Now, a lot of you guys especially if you have rougher skin, what you’re going to want to do is remove this.

Now, you can go to spas especially health spas and pay about $150 to $200 a treatment. You’re going to want to do this probably once a month, they may schedule a little bit close together, but you’re going to find that that you’re going to need to have about three to four treatments.

So, we’re talking almost $1,000 that you’ll spend, but you can’t see a huge difference.

Another option is to get a do-it-yourself-kit and I’ve got this one here by PMD. Guys, I worked with a local aesthetician, I had her evaluate it. I had her go through I had myself try this and I can tell you that this stuff actually does work.

abrasion toolIt comes in a rechargeable. This one is specifically developed for men and it’s got a little abrasion tool right here which will rub over your face, it’s going to remove dead skin cells and it’s going to suction them right off.

What I really like these guys have instructional videos, so you cannot hurt yourself.

Because that’s one of the things you’re going to see out there is some people are like, hey, I’ve never used a tool like that.

I don’t know if I want to put anything like that on my face.

Let’s think about it.

Once a day, what are you doing? You’re shaving.

You are putting a razor right up to your neck,something that can cut your throat and you’re just going nonchalantly. The point is you know how to use it and you became comfortable.

Once you understand how this works, once a week you’re starting to use this within two months you are seeing amazing improvements within one month you are seeing improvements.

And that’s the key guys is all of a sudden you start to feel better about your face, people notice and you start getting compliments.

The other things that you want to do:

  1. So, you want to make sure that you’re applying basically something that has Retinol or Vitamin A.
  2. Now, the third thing I’m going to mention about skin, make sure whatever you’re applying whether it’d be a lotion at the beginning of the day has a bit of sunscreen. Sun damage by UV rays is the number one cause of a man basically his face looking older.
  3. Another option if you don’t want to apply sunscreen to you face, start to wear a hat so you protect your face.

Those are another tip for anti-aging improvement.


Tip No.3:  Throw Out  Clothes You Don’t Love

Throw Out Clothes You Don't LoveNow, I’m being really hard here. If you’re 40 years old, if you’re 50 year sold, if you’re 60 years old, you should have some spending power so you can go out there and get rid of those items that just you don’t really like.

Make sure everything you put on, I tell you when I put on this shirt when I put on these jeans, when I wear this belt, everything I have in my wardrobe I love.

And it’s an amazing thing happen because you start to put together outfits that are a little bit fun, but every time you wear that clothing you feel great.

Going back to point number one, you feel confidence and you’re able to walk and you never feel a bit awkward because the worst thing is town something that really you don’t like and when you’re looking for something or everything else is dirty and you wear it and you feel those jeans are just a little bit too tight and maybe you don’t like the style of that shirt, something about that makes you – it makes you just conscious of it and all of a sudden your confidence dips down.

Because at this point, gentlemen, you never want your confidence to go down.

You want – it’s like a suit of armor,when you put on that sports jacket and you walk into that store and you just feel great and you just maybe going in there to get milk and get some eggs, but you’re going to come out all of a sudden with everyone remembering who you are and maybe, you know, the phone number of that that cute cashier that was there working.


Tip No.4:  Take Care of Your Teeth

Take Care of Your TeethIf you are out there dating, understand that’s one of the first things a woman is going to look at. She’s going to look at your mouth, she’s going to look at your teeth, and she’s thinking, do I want to kiss this individual.

And if you’ve got bad teeth and it happens as we get older, our gums start to recede.

All of a sudden there are things that are happening, your teeth are not as strong, so go to the dentist every six months.

Make sure they remove that plaque. I can tell you, I didn’t go for a year and a half one time and I got basically beyond gingivitis.

They actually had to go in and I was starting to get gum disease.

And, that stuff is not fun to deal with. And, as you get older, you need to really pay attention to this, so don’t skip out going to the dentist.

Now, teeth whitening, as your teeth start to yellow as they start to age, consider whitening your teeth. There’s tons of alternatives out there, I’ve talked about it before. Finally, if you’ve got really bad teeth, consider veneers.

I know it’s a huge investment, but if you’re still out there in your 60’s and you want to start a new career in sales or maybe you’rein your 50’s and you’re out there dating, maybe this is going to be a huge boost in confidence which is going to help you just go out there and do what you want to be able to do.


Tip No.5:  Bring New Colors Into Your Wardrobe

Bring New Colors Into Your WardrobeGuys, understand as you age as your hair starts to gray, all of a sudden there is an advantage here in that you can start to bring in new colors.

In addition, be adventurous, men are creatures of habit. Often times men wear the same colors again and again.

Try to introduce new colors.

Understand that as your skin is changing as your hair is changing, some colors that didn’t look good on you on your 20’s may look great on you in your 50’s.

Anti-Aging Bonus Tip.

Now, I am not a fitness channel, but I will tell you watch what you eat and take care of your body.

This is the only body you have. You need to be going to the gym and you need to more importantly be watching everything that goes into your mouth.

Guys, it is so important if you want to live a healthy, long life.

In addition, nothing looks better than when your body underneath that clothing your body underneath everything I’ve just mentioned is in great shape.

If you have any tips concerning anti-aging or things you can do it look for more younger share it with us. 


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