5 Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband (SPECIAL)

Today I am giving you five Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can surprise husband with. Valentine’s Day is upon us, and I know a lot of times we kind of panic because we don’t know what to get our husbands.

Well have no fear because today I am here to give you five categories, and five different gift ideas for your hubby.

If you’re like me sometimes,you’re just like panicking, like what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do? So you are in the right place  and comment down below, and give somebody a good idea too.

Okay so I have five categories, five ideas.

I understand that everybody has a different budget, everybody has a different husband with a different kind of personality, so these are just five kind of broad categories with some specific ideas to help you guys not be so stressed on Valentine’s Day.

1. Sweets

Okay, the first category I thought is important because I know a lot of times as mothers, and as women, we get a lot of treats and sweets our self.

So I found some cute little sweets and treats that would be perfect for your husband.

The first one is this, and I’ve actually given my husband this a couple of times because I thought it was so clever, but it’s just a milk chocolate candy tool kit, and it’s made out of chocolate, but it is all tools, and it’s all solid milk chocolate, and my husband loves this, he loves it.

Milk Chocolate Candy Tool Kit
milk chocolate candy tool kit

Image Source: OhNuts

Raspberry Flavored Gummy Candy Remote

If your husband is into gaming, some husbands are, some husbands aren’t, I thought that this was pretty clever.

This is a blue raspberry flavored gummy candy remote.

It’s like a PlayStation remote. I thought that was pretty cute as well.

blue raspberry flavored gummy candy remote


So this is something a little bit different, instead of like a box of heart chocolates, because that’s not very masculine. This is something that your husband would definitely enjoy.


2. Meats

My husband works with all men, he works at like a software company, so I had him take a poll, and I had him ask his friends and his coworkers like what do men really want for Valentine’s Day? And a lot of them said they wanted a gift card to like a steakhouse.

A lot of men love meat, so you could get them a gift card to a place that has like a good steak, or something like that.

We don’t have that many great steakhouses around here in Utah,but my husband does love Buffalo Wild Wings, so you better believe I got him a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card, because I know he likes to go there sometimes with his friends, and I thought that this was a perfect meat kind of gift, and it’s something that he loves and he’ll eat anyways.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Image Source: Buffalo Wild Wings

If your husband loves some meat, get him a gift card to a steakhouse or Buffalo Wild Wings, I even got my husband a Chipotle one because he loves Chipotle as well.


Image Source: Chipotle Friend or Faux

3. Scents

I love this because I am big on scents myself, and you know as women, a lot of times we receive perfume or something like lotion, really feminine, but I want to take that to the masculine side of things.

This is a P.F. Candle Co. candle, and this is a new teakwood and tobacco scent.

teakwood and tobacco scent

Image Source: Pinterest

I am in love with this scent.

It’s very masculine, it’s very musky kind of spicy, and it smells very delicious. So I know a lot of times around my house, we have very sweet and feminine kind of scents, but this one is perfect if you want to kind of have a more masculine kind of scent in the house.

Another masculine scent that I am in love with, I bought this for my husband last year actually, and this by Victor and Rolf and it is the Spice bomb cologne.

Victor and Rolf and it is the Spice bomb cologne.

Image Source: Fragrancex

This is amazing, if you’re ever in Sephora, check this out, I love female version of this which is called Flower bomb, but Spice bomb, it really does have a very spicy kind of scent to it. So this is a delicious smelling cologne.

Every time my husband wears it, I’m like ahh, it smells so good! But definitely check this out if you guys wanting to spend a little bit more money, this is one of those things, and a little bit goes a long way, and the scent lingers on my husband all day.

He comes home from work, and he still smells like this, and I just love it.


4. Accessories

This one is all about accessories another gift ideas. If you’re willing to spend a lot more money, you can definitely get your husband like a nice watch.

I know something that a lot of people really like to do are get sunglasses, and these are awesome sunglasses by a local company here in Utah, actually, and it’s called Twigs Woodwear, and my husband’s friend actually owns it.

Wood watches and sunglasses

Image Source: Pinterest

But these are a pair of sunglasses, but they’re not just any pair of sunglasses, they are made out of wood. And they have more accessories coming soon, which is super cool, but sunglasses are such a great gift for any guy.

There’s a definite wide, broad spectrum of sunglasses, so you can get really really expensive ones, these are perfect price-wise.

Just a great accessory for your husband.


5. Experience

Last but not least is giving your husband a great experience. So some ideas: my husband loves to ski, so a ski pass would be great.

If your husband loves basketball, maybe some tickets to the local NBA team basketball game or college basketball game. I personally love, my husband and I just did a couple’s massage, it was like for both of us. I thought that that was really fun.

couple's massage

Image Source: CK Massage & Spa

Something that doesn’t just disappear, do you know what I mean? Like you have a great experience, especially if it’s something you can both do together, so if you get like tickets to a movie together, you can go on a date night.

Stuff like that is really important to help with your relationship as well.

Okay so those are my ideas for some Valentine’s Day gift ideas, like I said, comment down below and let me know if you guys have any great ideas.

These are all really simple, and obviously it depends on your husband and his personality, and your budget, but I hope this gave you guys a good array of present ideas.

I hope you have a fabulous day, and a fabulous Valentine’s Day coming up just next 2 weeks.

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