How To Apply Perfume: 4 IMPORTANT Tips That Really Work!

In this article we’re going to talk about where to spray perfume and how to apply perfume so that it lasts all day so if you want to find out my four tips to making your perfume last all day make sure you keep reading.

So today we’re going to be talking about making your fragrance lasts. Is so disappointing when you get a perfume home that you absolutely love or even worse you’ve spent so much money on and it doesn’t perform and it doesn’t project.
So let’s get into my four tips on how to apply perfume and making it last all day. So for the first tip and maybe the most important tip of all tips.


1. Layer Your Fragrances

how to apply a fragranceYou have to layer your fragrances. I’m going to be using my Narciso Rodriguez and the lotion. This is to the toilet now when you’re wearing your sense you want to make sure that your moisturizing your skin first and that your skin has a base for the perfume to project off of. Now if you have dry skin this is especially important for people were really dry skin. If your skin is dry spraying fragrance on is not really going to do much to help you.
You need to make sure that your skin is heavily moisturised so that the perfume has something to stick to that makes sense.

So I’m just going to open it up and start to spread it on my skin you want to make sure that you get it really evenly across the skin.

And I like to do it on my arms maybe do a little bit down my neck back of the hands are fun as well. So when you’re walking around and you kind of want to get a width of it you can just you know lift and smell.


2. Target Your Purse Points

So the next tip that I’m going to give you is where you spray fragrances or apply perfume right. So you want to make sure that you’re hitting the pulse points. And why is that you may ask, if you’re targeting your pulse points that’s where your body is naturally warmer.

So your wrist inside of your wrist, through here on your neck, behind your ear, the back of your legs those are your pulse points your groins even we don’t spray there.

So I’m really familiar with this fragrance it’s a very musky floral scent so because i’m familiar with it i know not to go heavy on this scent.
So where I spray this actually is I just bring it on the neck and maybe I’ll do one spray on the wrist actually try to spray about five to six inches away. And then kind of just need it like run into the perfume. You never really want to dab or rub your scents because you’re actually breaking up the perfume molecules you gotta let your perfume do what it’s supposed to do.


3. Apply Perfume On Your Clothes

My third tip to apply perfume for making your perfume last all day would be to spray it on your clothes. Now this is something that is almost kind of missed by a lot of people and I don’t know why people don’t do it more often.

Some fragrances will ruin your clothes granted but guess who doesn’t care about that and sprays it all over your clothes all day.
Honestly want to be careful and not over do it.

So what I’ll generally do if I know I have a fragrance that is lacking in the Sillage and projection area I will spray it and then walk into it with my clothes that make sense. Spray it walk-in, spray it walk in, spray in walk in and spray in walk-in so easy. So as a woman sometimes I like to spray it in my hair as well.

I don’t go too heavy on it just you have to have a light touch spray it and walk in.


4. Carry An Atomizer

So my next in final tip for making your perfume last all day is to carry an atomizer with you. Now companies are starting to get hip to the atomizer scene and they’re making them a lot more often for their customers.

I think it’s genius because if you know that your fragrance doesn’t last you might as well just carry it with you. So i’ll go ahead and show you some that I have this one is by chanel and this is Coco Mademoiselle, it’s a twist up atomizer so you you have it here and you just spray it next one is by Le Labo and I actually really really like this particular atomizer because it’s cool to the touch.
So in my mind it’s preserving my fragrance and you just screw open the top slipped a little atomizer in and voila you have an atomizer.

Next that I have are from frederic malle they have like these teeny tiny bottles this one is carnal flower this one’s lipstick rose right here. I have a four mil of jasmine rouge by Tom Ford and probably one of my favorite atomizers of all time is this beautiful bad boy by Killian it’s quite heavy so that’s kinda sucks in a in a sense but is so decadent and so glorious like a precious piece of jewelry magnetic top and you just slide in your preferred sent this one is aphrodisiac back to black.

An atomizer alternative would probably be brands that do really small bottles such as jo Malone and this is my favorite scent from them wood sage and salt.

So good and lastly I have like a little centers atomizer I love this company. This is a company that will give you perfumes in these little atomizer thingies and they give you a 30 day supply you drop it in your bag, you keep it moving and I also like the way that this atomizer sprays as well super good super cute.

So I hope you enjoyed this 4 tips on how to apply perfume that will last all day. Thanks and don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions.

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