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3 Powerful Tricks on How To Stop Procrastination (Important)

What is it that you’d like to achieve that you find yourself just continually putting off? If you’re like me, you’ve done this all the time because you should be getting work done and you’re here mindlessly wandering through things are not on your to do list. This 3 easy tricks “how to stop procrastination” will help you in your everyday life.

That is something I’ve done, it’s something we’ve all done — don’t beat yourself up because by the end of this article I want to help you start doing that thing.

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You will feel much better if you do but in order to do that we gotta step back and understand where procrastination comes from.

There’s three psychological triggers that account for 95% of the procrastination that I see and when we turn those triggers off we get the thing done and we get what we want and we achieve our goal.

So let’s go through them one by one. The first one is a lack of clarity.

You get a thesis paper, you told the right thesis, you have no idea where to begin so you don’t.


1 Gain Clarity with Daily Deadline

For this one, the best way to deal with it is to set a concrete daily deadline and the most important word here is daily.

Setting these daily deadlines keeps you moving on a daily basis and it often gets you running faster than you would have if you just wait to the end of the week or the month to get something done.

So think of a concrete thing that you can do towards your goal today — if its fitness, maybe the particular workout regimen; if it’s writing which is something I’ve tried, set a word count — whatever it is concrete goal that you will do at the end of this article which bring me to the second point which is overwhelm.


2 Overcome, overwhelm with “Tiny Habits”

ProcrastinateIf you’re like a lot of people, you started thinking these grand things that you’re going to get done — you’re going to write three pages today, you’re going to go run four miles, and when I said do it at the end of this article, you’re, like, “No way, not about to start that.

So if it’s writing, make it fifty words, right? If it’s some sort of fitness thing, make it do 10 push-ups.

If you’re really struggling to get started, you want to make this habit as small as possible.

This comes from something that is called tiny habits, you can research it, but yeah, I believe it’s out of Stanford University and it works incredibly well because what researchers found is that the hardest thing in starting a habit is just that — it’s in starting it.

Once we’ve gotten it going, we often want to continue so we do one lap around our block and I’m, like, “You know what? I’ll just do a second.” and a third and a fourth and before you know it you’ve run a full mile when you only set out to run one lap around your block.

So think of that habit, make it concrete, but make it very, very tiny.


3 Incentivize yourself with rewards after your daily habits

If you follow this right, the third thing is to Incentivize yourself. One of the biggest problems with procrastination is that there’s delayed gratification.

When you want to do a thesis paper, we don’t get the A, we don’t graduate in for another six months so why do work today? What you need to do, because we are all animals and when you’re trying to train an animal you need to give him the prize right away, is to set it up so that you get gratification as you’re doing the hard thing.

So in my case I’m writing this article right now.

I’m hungry and I’m not allowed to eat until I finish doing this article.

That is going to make me want to get it done.

In fact, that’s why I’m standing here right now and not wait until tomorrow or the day after.

I know what this is all going to sound like.

It’s like, “Alright I’ll go do one push up right now then come back to watch TV,” but you will be shocked.

You will implement these things in your life.

You will start moving on a daily basis towards the things that you need to do and oftentimes, once you’ve gotten started, the momentum just keeps going and going and going.

Only go out and set a goal to practice it.

If you want to set the incentive to go eat a cheat meal, great. But do that thing.

I hope these 3 easy tricks on how to stop procrastination will really help and that you guys get started doing the thing that you’ve been procrastinating.

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