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Today, I’m getting right to the point, twenty five quick and dirty men style tips.

Tip 1: Lay out your clothes the night before.

Have a everything prepped. Have a Guys one of my best men style tips and we’ve learned this as kids, but yet we fail to do this as adults. When you have things laid out it is easier to look great in the morning than is to try to go through your closet find things that you just can’t find or that aren’t prepped, lay it out the night before.


Tip 2: Always keep your dress shirt tucked in.

Another best men style tips. So, this sounds simple kind of obvious, but so many guys go throughout the day and their shirt starts to come out starts the blouse they get that muffin top.

Maybe they’ve got a little bit of extra weight around the midsection so they’re like Antonio impossible.

Not true.

Gentleman, shirt stays. I learned about the secret in the Marine Corps and it’s something that I’ve been working with KK & J a great company.

You want to jump up knockout 20 pull-ups,these will keep your shirt tucked in. That’s what I love about shirt stays, it gives you a leaner look doesn’t matter your build and it is such a great way to look sharp.


Tip 3: Use a water-resistant dopp kit.

dopp kit
You don’t want something that is going to leak. The purpose of the dopp kit is to protect your clothing in the case your beard oil leaks or your shampoo bottle explodes when you’re traveling.

This thing — the best part about it is if it explodes if something, it’s not going to leak out and it’s not going to damage any of the expensive clothing in your wardrobe you’re going to show up and you’ll be able to easily wash and clean it out because it’s made of this silicone rubber.

I’ve never seen a dopp kit like this and I love the simplicity.

It’s a great value and I’ve got a code for you over at Wurkin Stiffs.


Tip 4: Buy Only Interchangeable Pieces When You’re

When you’re building your wardrobe, only buy core interchangeable pieces. Now, I don’t know if you’re a lawyer, I don’t know if you’re a teacher.

You probably have a different wardrobe depending on what profession you’re in, but what I will say is core pieces are marked by their simplicity.

dress shirtsWe’re talking solid colors when it comes to dress shirts we’re talking whites were talking solid blues.

Find the items that you love that you wear again and again.

No problem actually having quite a few of those so that you can mix and match. For me, I wear sports jacket. So I’ve got a few, but you notice they’re not crazy outlandish. They are ones that I can wear again and again.

I can mix with most of the shirts in my wardrobe.

You want interchangeability, you don’t want to buy items that you never wear.


Tip 5. Know the Measurements of Your Best Fitted Clothing.

So, let’s take the shirt as the example. You want to know the sleeve length, you want to know the shoulder width, you want to know the chest width, you want to know the stomach width.

When you have these four measurements you can go into simply ask for a tape measure.

Layout a shirt, know what your best fitting shirt is measured like and may be where you want to make an improvement and you can layout the shirts before you go into the dressing room and actually see if it’s going to fit you because key — the key here gentlemen is to measure and do that work up front and to know what you’re looking for.


Tip 6: Know How to Properly Wear a Necktie.

Suit Tie Clothing Fashion Cravat Formal BusinessWhen you are wearing a necktie you want to look your best you want to look like a million bucks not like a guy that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

So, first off know what particular type of tie to buy.

You want to go with something made from silk go with a solid simple color.

You can go with a little bit of red, maybe for power look go for a darker hue. You can bring in a bit of color here. They look great with a white shirt maybe even with a pink shirt maybe with a very light blue that would give you kind of a monoch romatic look.

Avoid complicated patterns when it’s your first tie.

Also, know how to tie at least two knots may be the four-in-hand or the half Windsor great options there.

I’ve got all this information on my website,but if you’re looking for a great tie that comes actually with instructions on how to match it comes with beautiful packaging.

These are very well-priced ties.

I mean when you get them you feel like $100,$150 ties.


Tip 7:  Own a Shoeshine Box.

Shoeshine Box Kit
It’s all about having what you need where you can find it when you need it.

Guys, that’s the key with being able to shine your shoes isn’t looking around for the polish or for the brush all that stuff that you need,having it just simply where you can see it.

Once a week maybe a couple times week you sit down you knock through all your shoes in a batch. Guys, have the shoeshine box.


Tip 8: Leverage Batch Processing.

So, I’m talking about preparation here for your week.

If you’re going to iron a shirt, iron four at the same time.

Why? Because it takes about as much time as ironing one shirt. Most of your time is spent actually pulling out the ironing board, letting the iron heat up, making sure that it’s got water in it,and all this other stuff and then, when you get into the ironing process that only takes usually about two to three minutes depending how good you are.

Now, think about that just ironing out four shirts five shirts get the whole batch done.

This can apply to a lot of things in your wardrobe, but leverage batch process.

Tip 9: Develop a Skin Care Routine.

When I say routine, simply start washing your face. And that you can start off with one thing and build from there, but the key is gentleman is you start to pay attention to your skin.

It’s the biggest organ in your body and especially for a lot of you guys maybe that are divorced or later in your 40’s your 50’s  you’re out there dating, you want to make sure that you’ve got a nice complexion that your skin doesn’t prematurely make you look older than what you are and there are some great options.

A great option if you’re looking just to systemize it make it simple, but whatever you do an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


10. Use Magnetic Collar Stays

Think about how many times you’ve gone out there and your collar flaps all over the place another great men style tip.

So I want you to check want to check Wurkin Stiffs. I have known about this and I’ve used this probably for eight-plus years.

It is genius, they have taken basically the collar stay, they have made it they got a magnetic collar stay that use magnets in there. It keeps your collar exactly where you want it to be.

They have just really innovative down into cuff links, they’ve also got that dopp kit I talked about.


Tip 11: Treat Stains Immediately.

So, guys you don’t want to wait on this.

The easiest way to treat a stain immediately is to use water and to dab it on with a paper towel with a washcloth with a napkin what ever it may be use water.

Yes, there are some things that maybe hot water or other things like that could actually damage it, but I can tell you’re going to do a lot more damage if you don’t treat the stain immediately.


Tip 12: Only Buy Clothes You Really Love

Before you buy anything, ask yourself, do I love this do I real we like the way it looks on me or the way it makes me feel.

If it’s yes and you can afford it, pull the trigger. If not, what you don’t want to do gentlemen is fill your closet with items that you never wear and you never use.


Tip 13: Have a Signature Fragrance

Number one here is that you have the ability to choose your own fragrance, trust your own judgment.

Number two is you want to consistently wear it, so that when you’re gone for a week on a business trip and your girlfriend sends you a text and say she misses you and she’s so happy that you left that dress shirt over at her place because she can smell it and it reminds her of you.

Guys, that’s what you want another great men style tips.


Tip 14:  Have a Go-To Outfit.

Something that may be is casual or something that may be is formal, but every time you wear it you feel like a million bucks you get compliments.

By keeping it simple by keeping interchangeable guys you can wear this — you can actually wear this a couple times a month. And when you’re feeling down when you are feeling nervous you’re going in for an interview, you don’t have to worry about your clothing.

You’ve practice wearing this outfit you know that has been confirmed by other people that you look great so that you can focus on the task at hand.


Tip 15: Travel Light.

I know that’s easier said than done, but the way that you travel light gentleman is you take note of what you actually use when you’re traveling.

The next time you travel, you don’t take those items.

And I know a lot of us are resistant to that because I’ve got this extra room in my suitcase I need to go ahead and fill it up.

Well, how about you go for a smaller suitcase, get a smaller bag. It’s kind of like a smaller plate, you’re going to put less food on it. Same thing with a smaller bag you’re actually are going to put less items in it by simply traveling light.

It takes not only literally takes weight off of your — off of all your luggage, but actually takes weight off your mind.

I’m going to read off the next ten men style tips  because I didn’t want to make this article too long for you read. I thought I could hit the points a bit faster,but you guys know me I love to get into the details.

  1. Tip 16: Systemize Dressing Style
  2. Tip 17: Fit is King
  3. Tip 18: Beware of Sales
  4. Tip 19: Dress boots will elevate almost any outfit.
  5. Tip 20: Being overdressed is always better than being under dressed and I talked about why.
  6. Tip 21: Always pay close attention into the details especially shoes.
  7. Tip 22: Try three types of razors and give each one of them a month.
  8. Tip 23: Don’t be afraid to break the rules. This is something when you know the rules gentlemen, don’t be afraid to break them.
  9. Tip 24: Twenty four, say no to huge logos
  10. Tip 25: Always Sharpen Your Swords.


And what that means gentlemen is it you can go out there and wear clothing that’s going to give you confidence, you’re going to improve your ability to do your job, to be able to talk to that woman you’ve been wanting to talk to, and to get what you want out of life.

Leave your comment below to let me know if you find any of the top 25 men style tips more helpful. Have a great life styles guys.

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