18 Funniest Signs Of All Time You Have Ever Seen!

Today we are gonna be looking at some of the funniest signs ever written I mean these are almost guaranteed to make you laugh So without further ado, I think we should just jump right into it.

1 Frozen- like my heart awww Ok i get it they’re selling frozen vegetables and stuff.

 Frozen Like My Heart

So, at this point I don’t think I’d even want to buy anything I’d just feel, I’d feel so uncomfortable, just looking at this


2 Vote Austin Head I love head.

Vote Austin Head I love head

That’s a terrible slogan dude. You don’t know what that refers to.


3 You’re in luck Cold? Check out a book” You’ll still be cold but you’ll have a book.

You're in luck Cold


4 Do not trust atoms, they makeup everything.

Do not trust atoms, they makeup everything

Alright that was, that was clever that one was witty, I really liked that one.


5  I don’t want to get technical or anything, but according to chemistry Alcohol is a solution.

 I don't want to get technical or anything

Yes it’s a solution to life’s misery and problems but then you’re gonna start beating up your kids And then getting a divorce from your wife then your gonna drink more bottles and more bottles until you just You’re a vegetable basically.

Your practically gonna be a vegetable that sweats out alcohol and uh your probably gonna hate your life at that point, but its ok cause alcohol is there- I mean alcohol is a solution.


6 This is not a urinal.

This is not a urinal

DAMN IT THIS IS NOT A URINAL stop pissing in there.


7 Men to the left because women are always right.

Men to the left because women are always right

I think this one is my favorite Hey what’s that saying? Your wife is always right.

or something like that Ooh happy wife happy life Its that one Amen to that, you don’t want i wife that is not happy.

It’ll be better that way It doesn’t matter if you have to go watch chick flicks It doesn’t matter if she cries when Leo dies. Ok It, It’s worth it in the end, because she gonna be happy You’re gonna be happy


8 In wine there is wisdom In beer there is strength In water there is bacteria, you decide

 In wine there is wisdom

That’s how you get some sales, buddy.

They basically just admit it, they don’t filter their water.

They just don’t do it.

so, its better if you just buy a beer or some wine, because if you get their water don’t run to me if you’re in the hospital with salmonella poisoning. You know how much that hurts that was disgust-terrible it was terrible.


9 You won’t be ‘putin’ down these Russian classics.

You won't be 'putin' down these Russian classics

worst pun ever oh, okay i would definitely buy one of those books if i saw them hey, tell all your Russians out there How would you actually type this out in Russian? Type it in the comments below you won’t be putting down these Russian classics


10 David Nelson exquisite jewelry, sometimes it’s ok to throw rocks at girls

David Nelson exquisite jewelry

Only if the rock is worth 3000 dollars or more, cause I mean if it’s not then the only rock you’re throwing is yourself to jail, buddy.


11 Invisible naked man with flip-flops

Invisible naked man with flip-flops

Please donate I need food haha that’s actually really smart but what are you gonna do if people just take your money? Cause, you’re not there are you just gonna be on the side? Actually looking if anyone comes and takes you money.


12 Attention dog owners please pick up after your dog, thank you attention dogs grrrr, ruff, ruff, woof, good dog.

Attention dog owners please pick up after your dog


13 24 hour video surveillance blame the guy who kept pooping here.

24 hour video surveillance blame the guy who kept pooping here

It was the invisible man, IT WAS THE INVISIBLE MAN he’s, you guys can’t see him that’s why he was the one taking sh*ts all over your lawn I knew those flip-flops were too good to be true *sshole.


14 Free chicken strips

Free chicken strips

And there’s literally strips with a picture of a chicken on them come on, what is this supposed to be like is there nothing better to do in life I know I feel like I would still like this I would probably pick one out I would be like, I got a free chicken strip, you want one?


15 Free hugs

Free hugs

Don’t go in there .Guys please whatever you do do not go in there that’s not free hugs an old guy with a little, with a little mustache comes up to you and says you want a free hug?

Than you, you run out of there you just get out of there I don’t know why anyone wold actually walk in there wow no wonder why there’s so many rape victims oh my goodness imagine all the little kids, they’re like my mommy said hugs are nice the just run in there, all of a sudden this guy you want a free hug? come here little boy.


16 Drunk people crossing

Drunk people crossing

Be careful they’re gonna crawl, or they’re just gonna randomly faint backwards which also happens or they’re gonna look like there’s an earthquake happening but there’s no earthquake and they just kinda, their feet start to wobble like crazy that’s completely normal, it’s part of the process guys don’t don’t be scared.


17 Majestic *ss biscuit

Majestic ass biscuit

You guys want one? It’s a managers special its majestic so randomly driving by a gas station.


18 Justin will you please divorce me, Loretta please.

Justin will you please divorce me, Loretta please

My voice just cracked, you guys. That’s how sad I am right now Justin please divorce me like don’t you get the hint? I’m dating your brother justin you literally saw us making out in the corner come on Justin.
If that’s not good enough, you want me to put up a sign in the gara- haha you want me to put up a sign in the gas station, is that gonna help you? poor Justin guys I feel shoutout to Justin over there uhm I feel really bad for you You’ll make it through But guys,

That was some of the funniest signs let me know if you guys liked this you could always suggest more things. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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