15 Useful Laundry HACKS to make your Life Easier

Today I thought I’d, you know, share my secrets with you on 15 Laundry Hacks. A s many of you know, I’ve got five kids, six and younger.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of messes in our house, and I do a lot of laundry, like a lot of laundry, a lot. I do consider myself a little bit of a laundry ninja.

1. Sort Laundry RIGHT AWAY!

A great laundry hacks tip is by sorting your laundry the moment the hits your laundry room. It’s really easy to let laundry pile up, isn’t it? Just be sure to turn all of the clothes right side out and check the pockets.

It makes it easy to just toss in a load because it’s already sorted and ready to go.


2. Sort by texture NOT by color!

Have you ever wondered why your entire load comes out looking dingy? Probably because you have stuff in the washer that’s too heavy taking all of the soap and detergent power away from all of the lighter-weight clothes.

To get your clothes as clean as possible just sort by fabric type and soil level, not by color. 

Instead of sorting my kids clothes into lights and darks, I separate them into things more like cotton clothes with normal soil level,heavily soiled cotton-ish pile, that’s for the stuff that’s uber-crusty and uber-nasty.

I have a heavy pile for things like jeans, school uniforms, and a pile for thick, fleecy pajamas.

If you’re using an HE or high efficiency washer, and HE detergent, colors just don’t bleed like they used to. Thank you modern technology! Which brings me to my next hack.


3. Check for the HE symbol.

This laundry hacks you might not even know that you’re using a high efficiency washer. It is so important to know because they operate totally differently.

Check your machine for the HE symbol.

HE machine

via Youtube

Often times, you can find it in the soap dispenser area. If you don’t have an HE machine, you might want to consider investing in one. They’re really not as expensive as you would think. They hold more clothes,they use less water, they use less energy,and saves your clothes.

So in the long run, it really is a good investment you might want to consider.


3. Use HE Detergent

If you have an HE washer, you’ve got to use HE detergent.

Standard detergent just produces way too many suds, which actually can make your clothes look dingy and can break down your machine over time.

All you need to do is look for the HE symbol on your actual detergent.

Namely look for the HE turbo symbol for the best clean possible. Just trust me, it makes a difference.

I prefer Tide Pods.


My favorite part about these Tide Pods is they actually save me time,but more importantly, they save me money because it combines the detergent, the stain treater, and fabric brightener all in one little packet,and it’s pre-measured.

When I look at how small this is compared to the massive cups of detergent I was pouring in my machine, I realized I was wasting a lot a very good laundry hacks.


5. Use  Two Pods for Heavy Loads

If you remember that HE machines hold up to 40% more clothes which means there’s 40% more nastiness in that machine.

Which means, you needto use more detergent on the larger loads tomake sure it’s enough detergent to get all the clothes clean.

Throw not one pod, but two pods, in there.

Just think of it like those lines that you measure out on a cupful of detergent.

A larger load needs more detergent, a larger load needs more detergent, weird! Kind of a no-brainer, but itreally makes a huge difference.


6. Use COLD Water for Stains

I used to think that the hotter the water, the cleaner my clothes were going to get.

Wrong! Except for whites, everything else should be on cold water,or warm water at most. Hot water can not only set in stains, but the hot water is probably what’s fading your clothes.


7. PIN Socks Together

PIN Socks Together

Does anyone else have the world’s largest sock monster living in their stinking laundry room eating every sock ever? I’ve got several hacks to battle the missing sock problem. Keep a safety pin on the top of your socks, and then train your family to pin them together as soon as they take them off of their feet.

Obviously, don’t do this with your younger kids.


8. Check Washer Lining for Stray Socks

If you have a front-loading washer, there’s a lining that creates that waterproof seal. Pull back that lining, and bam baby, socks galore! Who knew?


9. Buy the same socks for everyone
Same socks color

Another way to combat the missing sock problem is to just buy the same socks for everybody in your family.


10. Keep a Sock Graveyard
Keep a Sock Graveyard


And, if all else fails,just keep a basket in your laundry room and every time you see a stray sock, throw it in the graveyard.

Then, usually every couple of weeks, I’ll put on a good movie,dump out the graveyard, and have a grand ole time trying to sort through all those socks.


11. Make Notes with a Dry Erase Marker

Use a dry erase marker to make a note right on your machine when there’s something in the washer that shouldn’t go in the dryer.


12. Rinse Towels with Vinegar

Every few towel loads, run a big cupful of vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser, right along with your detergent.

It strips the towels of all of this buildup that leads to those stinky smells that we all know, and it boosts the absorbency of your towels which really extends their life before you have to go out and buy new ones.

It also cleans your machine which is an added bonus.


13. Add a Dry Towel to Your Dryer

Speaking of towels, add a fluffy, dry towel to your dryer. Boom, it dries things in half the time! It’s like a miracle!


14. Rip Dryer Sheets in Half!

If you like to use dryer sheets, you don’t have to use a full one. Rip it in half, and obviously, it stretches them two times longer.


15. Get Your Family Involved!

My last laundry hacks is get your family involved! Kids as young as two years old can be folding towels, washcloths, and even their own clothes. Consider having one clean clothes basket per person in your family.

If they want dessert,their basket’s got to be emptied and put away before dinner.

Yes, this even goes for husbands.

So there you go! Quick, simple, easy, effective laundry hacks and money-saving ways to make one of the most loathe mom chores stink a little less.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Leave a comment below and let me know which one you use.


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