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11 Useful Techy MONEY SAVING Hacks | Expert Advice

I have made it my day job to find the best ways to save you money. Today I’m going to share my top techy money saving hacks for you.

So let’s get to the tips and then be sure to read through to the end to find out how it’s really, really easy,  to apply this money saving backs. Let’s get on with it.

Okay my first tip is invest in a smart phone.


1. Invest in a Smart Phone

Being able to download apps and use the web will save you so much money in the long run.


2.Buy a Used or Refurbished Phone

Buy a used phone off of Ebay or Amazon. Refurbished phones work great. You don’t really need an unlimited data plan.

3. Use Wifi Instead of Expensive Data Plans

Just use WIFI whenever possible. WIFI is seriously everywhere nowadays. We traveled to Europe and our phones were completely useless unless we were connected to WIFI and we were able to get WIFI just about anywhere.

We were able to make calls, surf the web, use maps, use apps, even on trains and in restaurants.


4. Avoid a Bulky Wallet

One of my favorite techy money saving hacks is to avoid a bulky wallet. You know all those membership cards, like your gas cards and grocery cards, even your gym membership. You don’t have to have the actual card with you.


5. Don’t Carry Membership Cards

All you need to do is take a picture of the front and back of your card and keep those photos in an album.

Just pull up the picture on your phone, zoom in on the barcode and they can scan it just fine.

I like to store my photos in a free online album like Picasso or Photobucket so that they are always there when I need it, even if my phone crashes.


6. Shop Online and Get Paid For It

My most important techy hack is you’re crazy if you’re not getting paid to shop online. Dudes, have you ever heard about Ebates? I have been a loyal user since 2010 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to name my next baby Ebates.

So Ebates is a free website, free that gives you cash back for free, every time you shop online.


Ebates How it works.

Ebates Coupons

Sign up for Ebates, and if you use that link to sign up, you get 10 free dollars after you spend your first 25.

10 dollars free, uh, no brainer.

You just install the browser with a little click of a button.

Then anytime you’re shopping online, an Ebates button will pop up if that site offers cash back when you shop there. Click the button and then bam, shop away. Ebates is the largest cash back website, so they’ve partnered with pretty much everybody in the world.

Sephora, Ebay, Walmart,Old Navy, Forever 21, J.Crew, even Groupon guys, it’s madness I’m telling you.

When you shop online, Ebates keeps track of those purchases and accumulates all of your cash back and then every quarter they send you that money in a big, fat check.

No really, that’s what they call it, a big, fat check.

So I recently needed a car seat for my new baby.

I was shopping online, I went to Ebates, I saw that Target offers two percent cash back. I found the exact same car seat for 40 dollars less, plus free shipping, plus I got two percent cash back. And then my personal favorite feature of Ebates, is that you get paid for telling your friends about it.

When you sign up for Ebates you get your own unique link and they will pay you at least five dollars for every friend that signs up using that link, after they spend their first 25.

And I’ve accumulated over 4,000 dollars in rewards and refer-a-friend sign ups.

That is awesome.

And don’t forget to download their app on your phone so that when you do your shopping on your phone, open the Ebates app first,do your shopping from there and then your cash back keeps flowing even when your not on your computer.


7. Calendar Expiration Dates

Another great techy money saving hacks. Don’t let good deals expire.

Put a reminder in your phone, on your calendar to remind you when you have a gift card, certificate, awesome coupon, freebie, bonus cash or anything like that,that are going to expire.

There’s nothing worse than letting good deals go bad, so don’t do that anymore.


8. Set Reminders to Cancel FREE Trials

Additionally, make a calendar reminder to cancel free trials.

Free trials are a really great way to get free goodies and to try out something that you may actually really like but you don’t want to get caught with a subscription just because you forgot to cancel. Really good tips for money saving hacks.


9. Never lose a receipt again.

There’s nothing worse than losing a receipt and then you really need to return something and your like (wailing).

Take pictures of your receipts with your phone and then store them in a free app like Evernote or in an online photo album so that way, you never have trouble returning anything and all of your receipts are digitized so you can throw away all those loose little papers.


10. Sell Things From Your Phone

My last techy tip is make money from your phone, guys.

Especially with it being spring cleaning time, make sure to download your local classifieds apps. So that way you can snap pictures, post and sell things right from your phone, in the moment as you’re cleaning out your garage and closet.

Rather than feeling like you have to throw an entire yard sale to make money. So this is your 10 Techy money saving hacks which you can apply now in your life to save you more money. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and leave a comment below if you have been able to apply any of them.

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