10 Revealing Tips To Spot FAKE Products (LATEST)

Do you really know there Original and fake products? Today we’re going to be looking at 10 tips to spot fake products.

In a world where people love the shot fake products are out there in abundance whether you want to see if your friends by fate clothing and electronics or just know yourself so that you don’t get scammed.

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10 So coming in at number 10 we have earpods .

The chances are at some point in your life you’ve used a pair of apple earpods.

fake earpods

Source: Youtube

However one frequent complaint about Apple airports is that they can sometimes break and when they do they’re expensive to replace as a result of this thousands of people sell genuine apple earpods on web sites like ebay and amazon for as little as 99 cent but are these cheap airports too good to be true.
Some are real while others are not one key way to tell if your airports are real is to make sure that you can’t see the speakers through the mesh and not.


9 Yeezys Shoes.

Kanye west’s yeezus shoes are a highly regarded piece of footwear and a fashion statement that says you don’t want splashing the cash with all the hype surrounding the issues.

Fake Yeezys Shoes

Source: Youtube

If there’s going to be some people who want these but may not have the funds to pay for them and even some who sell fake Yeezys at a real price to take advantage of non stabby fires a key way to make sure yet it was real is to check that the red stitching on the tab is square and not oval shaped the adidas and easy logos on the side of the shoe should also be enforced into the felt patch rather than just printed on and on the bottom of the shoe.

There should be a white spongy part that doesn’t feature on most fake so now you can tell it’s a close one who’s showing off the new shoes are justified or not and prevent yourself from getting scammed if you want to buy these shoes judging by the price tag though these shoes are already kind of a scam.


8 Next up we have USB cables

USB cables are one of the most used cables in the world and they used in a wide variety of expensive electronics. As a result of this USB’s have to pass tests made by tech companies to ensure their official.

fake usb cables

Source: Youtube

But even so it’s no surprise that some companies still make fakes on Apple iPhones. It will actually tell you when a fake cable is plugged into your phone however other pieces of text don’t do this. But don’t worry there’s many ways to spot a fake one huge giveaway is the logo on the front of your cable it should be small and great however fake ones or often falls at large another way to tell if a USB it’s fake is if there’s any gap between where the cable meets the USB plug real ones don’t have this gap spot fake ones do meaning they often made badly and sometimes they’re even unsafe


7 Next fake products we have Vans.

Well Vans mount may not be the most expensive shoes when compared to Yeezys like we saw before they are popular and an iconic piece of footwear.

Fake Vans

Source: Youtube

Many companies produce fake fans and sell them at markets or online but these fake fans are often very badly made. One key way to spot fake fan is to make sure that the iconic waffle pattern underside of the shoes changes down the shoe and that it’s not just one pattern also on every van shoe there’s a small steel seal to ensure authenticity if your shoes don’t have that then you’ve likely been scammed.


6 Next up we have Cigars

They’re less fashionable nowadays but they might come a time in your life when you want to relax with a cigar. Cigars were expensive as there often imported and are seen as a luxury product.

Fake Cigars

Source: Youtube

One of the main ways you can tell if a cigar a fake is by the packaging the paper wrapped around two guys it’s rarely printed just like you might do in a home printer they often use special materials like shiny paper to create a golden effect or sometimes embossed taste into paper to make it look 3d also the wrapping on.

Fake cigars usually doesn’t line up as they’re wrapped by a person that rather than an expensive machine so before you fork out to one hundred dollars for a cigar tickets labeled first.


5 Next up we have Jordans

Jordans are one of the most successful sneaker brands in the world their releases excite millions. But like Yeezys Jordans can also be out of some people’s price range and some scammers like to take advantage of people who want rare shoes by making and selling fake versions of them sometimes for tens of thousands of dollars.

fake jordans

Source: Youtube

Don’t worry though there are a few ways to tell a fake. The base of some Jordans are meant to have a blue gum material. But most of the fakes will include a white bottom and the tip of the shoe is made of a match leather on many jordans. However this material is expensive so fixed usually just use a shiny cheap-looking plastic instead while some Jordan locals can look authentic there’s millions of fakes out there so be vigilant


4 Next up we have Chargers

Charging clouds may seem like an essential and basic product but they can be deadly if they’re not made by official manufacturers and I’m not being dramatic hundreds of housewives of course every year as a result of gladly made fake chargers.

fake phone chargers

Source: Youtube

Most plugs will have small plastic rings going around the pin while fake charges will have to leave this detail out the Rings are a safety block which actually makes your charger safer and most fake chargers won’t have seams between the edges of the plastic parts this is a telltale giveaway that the charger you’re using it’s fake and potentially dangerous.


3 Next up we have Fake Ugg Boots

Ugg boots have been many girls favorite footwear for years and while you might think that if you can bend a product easily then it’s badly made and likely face this is not the case with ugg boots as they made from such a comfortable material.

Fake Ugg Boots

Source: Pinterest

You’re supposed to be able to bend the tape of the boot while on fakes you won’t be able to bend the tip as a roster made out of a cheap and hard wire and the fluffy white material on top of ugg boots has a brown tint to it if you look closely however counterfeiters rely on people not noticing this and often you too cheap plain white fur like materials but now that you know hopefully you won’t get tricked anytime soon.


2 Next up we have Samsung

Samsung is one of the largest technology brands in the world and they make some amazing products from phones and laptops to televisions and speakers.

fake samung products

Source: Youtube

Unfortunately though many companies mainly based in china manufacturer fake versions of Samsung products.

Sometimes selling them for low prices on market stalls only to the product to break a few days later for selling them online all around the world for a lot of money. The key way to tell if a Samsung product is fake is to look at the “A” in the Samsung logo on the product if the a has a thick part on the top then it’s fake as the real logo uses a thin typography almost every fake Samsung manufacturer uses this fake font so be on the lookout.


1 And our last fake products we have Louis Vuitton

Fake Louis Vuitton

Source: Youtube

It’s possibly one of the most desirable brands in the world but there’s a lot of features out there one way to tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is fake it’s by counting the number of stitches on the strap it should have five stitches on the bottom and the top and full inside and if you want to know if a louis vuitton belt is fake and then look at the shape of the beginning of the bill if it’s rounded off like this then is real but if it’s just cut as a right angle then it’s so be wary when you’re buying these things if you’re not using the official website as make sure you know what you’re getting is real.

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