10 Best Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationship is okay to be in one? so this week I thought I would give you my best long distance relationship tips and things to make it better.

No.1: Define Goals and Expectation to each other.

This is really important because maybe one person wants, like, an open thing, and the other one wants to get engaged or whatnot.

You need to define what you want out of it, and it’s really important to do in the beginning, so that that doesn’t really come out after a while.


No.2: Trust your partner and make it easy for your partner to trust you.

This one sort of ties in to the last one, and it’s like: If you can’t trust the other person there’s no point in being in a relationship.

If I need to check up on my girlfriend so that she doesn’t go out with five other guys at the same time as she’s going out with me, then we don’t have a good relationship and we should probably not be in that relationship anymore.


No.3: Communicate and keep up to date with each other’s lives.

This one is probably the most important of them all. For me and my lady it’s probably mostly phone calls.

I tend to call her every ten minutes and I ask her what kind of footwear I should wear, what t-shirt, like, she, she chose it. I don’t do that either because that would step over the boundaries I guess.

So basically we keep in touch a few times during the day, but like to an extent where we’re both happy about the amount of time.


No.4: Celebrate events together and have online dates.

Another great long distance relationship tip. I like this one really much, and when we celebrated six months, me and my girlfriend, I sort of prepared this little online date thing.

For example I did like a crossword with a crossword generator with all our inside jokes and stuff that I got her to solve, and I looked through different games and stuff that we could play and I found the best ones.

It can be whatever, from mad libs to MMO-RPGs, whatever makes you happy and that you both like.

And of course, when celebrating and stuff it’s really important,I think, to have video calls. It’s such a great invention and just to see each other’s faces when you talk, you know, so that I call her out on eating her boogers.


No.5: Plan when you meet in real life again.

This one is one of my favorites long distance relationship, because I live in Sweden, She lives in the UK, so it’s always the best feeling when you’ve planned and.

I have my tickets ready for my next visit to the UK right now actually.

I read a study in, I think in New York Times, the study was somewhere else but I read an article about it in the New York Times, and they talked about how when you plan a vacation, how you’re the most happy while planning and not when actually going on the vacation.

I don’t think it’s like tha twhen I go to her, but it certainly like, it really ups your happiness level when you have it planned and you have the tickets booked.


No.6: Make the most of your time in real life together.

I could very easily go to the UK and be with her and we’d just like, watch movies and eat candy and be all gross for like a week.

But at the same time, when you are with your loved one, then you really wanna like feel like you’re living life and not just doing something you could do at home, like if we watch a movie and we say three words to each other.


No.7: Give your partner a personal item of yours to hold on to.

She gave me a Christmas card from her aunt from 2012 that I carry with me at all times. It’s such a personal, such a special gift. So it good to them something which it will remain them about you.


No.8: Be honest about when you need more attention.

When you feeling secure about the relationship, because those things will happen.

You will feel weird during a long distance relationship, it’s not an optimal situation. Talk with your partner about it so that it doesn’t become this big problem.


No.9: Long Distance Surprises.

I’ve sent her flowers a few times, but it can be whatever.

It can come down to texts, you know like, you send them a text like: Oh you’re so pretty and I like how your armpits smell.

Or send flowers or, I sent a plushie recently and a game to her.

You can also send snail mail, I think that’s pretty popular.


No.10: Keep busy and have other things that make you happy in your life.

I think this one is really important as well – I said that about like everything,that everything is important.

You can see it as actually having to distract yourself from the sad fact that you’re apart from your loved one.

So yeah, that was my long distance relationships tips.

Q: What is your best long distance relationship tip? Leave it in the comments down below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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